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Why Sex is Important for Your Health

Why Sex is Important for Your Health

We are blessed with life, so accordingly we should live it to its fullest potential.

In our everyday lives, we are often so busy that we forget to cherish the little pleasures that are on offer.

People these days are somewhat self-absorbed that they prefer to experience a hectic and punishing routine rather than choosing relaxation once in a while. In life, no doubt, success is necessary and there is no questioning of that, but we need to maintain a balanced equilibrium if we wish to achieve a healthy and prosperous life.

There is a common misconception that in order to live a healthy life, we must eat a balanced diet, exercise daily and sleep properly but good mental and physical health extends beyond this. Missing is one of life’s essentials which is vital for a healthy life.

Research has proven that in order to experience overall health, is, that the bottom line is that you need to have a regular, fulfilling and satisfying sex life. Yes, it’s true.

Sex is a basic, primitive but essential part of life which we should prioritise and not ignore.

Human sexuality plays a significant part in a healthy lifestyle and the more you are engaged in sexual activities, the more it will contribute to you staying you staying healthy and maintaining a peaceful outlook. If we focus only on our daily grinding routine and neglect or reduce our sexual activities we will encounter long term, both physical and mental tension and may experience  frustration in other areas of our lives.

 Sex connects and reconnects you constantly, to your inner self. Connectivity that you share and experience with your partner during sex cannot be replaced. Sex should not be treated as a duty or responsibility, but as a pleasure that leaves you feeling relaxed and satisfied. Happy even!

People often give sex less importance and propriety in their life. In this day and age with our work and social demands it’s easy to put sex on the back burner, but in doing so you miss out on the obvious physical benefits. Aside from being about reproduction; sex is so much more. It’s about intimacy, pleasure, deep connection that you share with your partner. These feelings are important to our mental health well being, so one should not ignore or suppress your emotions. Let it flow. Sexual activity in any form can offer many amazing benefits in your life: 

  • It makes you feel relaxed and satisfied physically

  • It gives peace to all your intellectual needs

  • It makes you connect with others emotionally

  • It gives you a psychological fulfilment

  • It makes you strong and confident socially

A person with a dynamic sex life is often inclined to embrace exercise and develops excellent dietary habits than those who are less sexually active. Research indicates that sex is an excellent cardiovascular exercise:

  • Regular sex will lower your blood pressure

  • Sex burns calories

  • Sex strengthens your muscles

  • Sex stimulates and often increases your libido

  • Sex promotes sound sleep

A person with a dynamic sex life is often inclined to embrace exercise and develops excellent dietary habits than those who are less sexually active.

The human body produces a “love” hormone called oxytocin which helps release endorphins during orgasm. The grouping of these hormones triggers sedation in the brain and inducing deep sleep.

If you believe that there is something missing in your sex life, the spark, the raw animal like passion, you may need to try something new. Delve into the exciting unknown. Indulge in those physical acts that you crave but only dreamt about.

You may need to reignite your passion and explore your cravings.

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