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Escorts vs. Sexbots

Escorts vs. Sexbots

We are blessed with many things in life but the most important, is our love, lust, desire and  passion for others, which, in reality can never be replace.

Mankind has embraced the digital age and there is nothing beyond our grasp now.

With rapid advancement in technology, there is a revolution in machinery and equipment. From the latest drones to the electric car, there is no area of society that computers have not infiltrated.

In this era, there is a new trend developing. Sex has always been mankind’s weakness and we are always seeking new ways to fulfil our desires. Todays technology, is now looking at ways to improve our sex life with the introduction of sex robots.

Can sexbots improve or replace the human experience of skin on skin? Is it right to have sexual relations with a robot, is this a major ethical dilemma? What will we experience when we use a sex doll, the ultimate orgasm? Will a sex robot satisfy us on a physical but also an emotional level? Are they simply any good?

There are now many companies working to bring artificially intelligent sex dolls to the masses, but they are still struggling with the marketing of the robots . Will of people accept this change?. No doubt it is a new trend and appears to be very exciting but there are numerous moral and ethical issues to be addressed, liabilities and practical problems to be addressed, with the introduction of AI into our sex lives.

According to a recent report published in Newsweek magazine, Quote: “There is a danger that people might be inclined to seek more than just sex from the robot, e.g., intimacy and companionship and that could lead to unidirectional emotional bonds with machines that the machines cannot reciprocate and could affect the way people interact with other people."  

The trendsetters are keen to introduce this concept and it could shift the market from escorts to robots in the future,  but one wonders if they are considering the risks attached to this social change?

If you are considering experiencing a sexbots in the near future, keep in mind that if you arent careful with the sexbots, the tireless robots could push their human lovers over the edge on both a physical and emotional level.

These findings come from two reliable sources at the “Love and Sex with Robots Conference” in London that state clearly that robots will become increasingly popular as companions in the bedroom, in the near future, but they still need to develop a code  of ethics for their development and use.

Without this, turning to sex-bots, may lead to over use leading to exertion by users to the point of collapse and overwhelming emotional dependency.

Researchers have warned about the various issues and liabilities of introducing sexbots into our sexual lives, at the conference.

Health experts from a leading Australian University also published a report, about AI sexbots and the possibility and dangers of hacking,  stating: “Hackers have the ability to  hack into the robot or a robotic device and have can have  full control of the connections being  arms, legs and other attached tools like knives or welding devices”.

Once a robot is hacked, the hacker has total control and can issue instructions to the robot. This is an almost laughable scenario if it wasn’t so frightening, with the possible implications, beyond comprehension.

Given all of this, the reality is that the use of sexbots can never give you the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure that a human partner could. That first look, that first kiss, excitement anticipation, animal lust.

Yes they can support sophisticated technology but they can never replace the experience of a real human being. Chemistry, eye contact, the desire for another.

The passion and gentleness of the human touch has no comparison.

Most people are turning to sexbots because they are not getting that sexual attention and attraction that they deserve however being with a sexbot will no doubt lead to serious social isolation and ultimately unrealistically expectations of any potential human relationships.

We are busy in our daily lives and we tend to stop prioritizing sex and incorporating it in our routines.

The use of sexbots could lead to unnecessary sexual disturbance in your sex life.

Most partnered people are not able to give enough time to their significant other  and young lovers are not that experienced to fulfil each other needs. The use of a sabot may relief and achieve a sexual high but will not encourage physical intimacies, which is vital for reproduction of our species

There are also some things that you may wish to experiment with sexually, but your partner is not comfortable with it and you may wish or not wish to compromise on that.

There are solutions to all of these issues but sexbots is not the answer.

If you want to have the best sex experience of your life, an escort could be the answer for you, not a robot.

Professional escorts are a safe and reliable alternative to fulfil all of your wildest dreams and sexual fantasies.

We have  sex to enjoy and take pleasure in life, to share lust and intimacies,  to feel skin on skin, breath on breath, eyes gazing into eyes and shared orgasmic pleasures.

No sexbot will every compete or replace the simple of all human emotions. Desire.