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How To Trust Images You See On Escort Websites

How To Trust Images You See On Escort Websites

At Butterfly Babes Melbourne we want to prove to you that our Escorts are real and genuine high class escorts of Victoria as we understand there are many escort directories and agencies out there that have fake pictures of real girls.

An escort agency is only as good as it’s website, that is why we have taken the time to create a very easy and memorable experience for you to visit our website and find the escort you have been looking for.

We have recently come across many escort agencies and directories using fake profiles and sometimes they are stealing the photographs of other escorts to make their ads look real, simply to take advantage of clients like you looking for real escorts in Melbourne.

Butterfly Babes Melbourne has a robust reputation as one of the most trusted and well respected independent escort agencies in Victoria, licensed and ethical in all of our dealings with our fabulous female escorts and our wonderfully caring clients.

We are pleased to let you know and proud to state that when you book an escort with us at Butterfly Babes, what you see is what you get, meaning that every photograph of our female escorts in Melbourne is of a real girl who is proud to be part of our team.

How To Trust Images You See On Escort Websites

1. Trust Your Instincts

Firstly, we recommend you trust your instincts for you that should be your gut feel. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is clearly a duck!

Try to compare and contrast the photographs of the girls, do the photos look real or like someone has photoshopped them or cropped them to make them look like the same person? If an Agency is publishing photographs of the same model in 4 photos in different locations, in different positions then this should be a red flag for you.

At Butterfly Babes, we have an on-site photo studio where all of our girls have their professional photographs taken, this makes it easier for you to see that our girls are real and genuine as they have all been photographed at our studio.

2. Personal Information Should Be Your Guide

A good photograph is worth a thousand words, that is why At Butterfly Babes Melbourne we make sure all of our female escorts look their best on location in our photo studio. 

With every escort listing there are details about the girl you are considering, try and see whether the personal information matches the photographs of the escort. You can tell a lot about how the escort describes herself compared to the photographs.

If an escort looks mature, amazingly beautiful and curvy, yet the personal information suggest they are younger and slim, then that should be a signal to you that the profile is not real and perhaps you should keep searching for a real escort in melbourne.

At Butterfly Babes, we invite all of our escorts to complete their own profiles we also keep each profile consistent to give you a clear insight into what our escorts love to do and how they would like to experience their time with you, so you can choose the perfect melbourne escort for you.

3. Never Be Afraid To Ask

We recommend when you are considering booking an escort elsewhere, which we strongly advise against as Butterfly Babes Melbourne is the premier choice for escort services in Melbourne Victoria, to always be safe than sorry.

Consider making a polite request from the escort agency you contact to confirm whether the images are indeed real. A reputable agency will be very glad to prove this to you so you know who you are thinking about booking is genuine.

We have tried doing this ourselves to see what other escort agencies are doing in Melbourne and found that when we asked this question anonymously, they have gone offline or they have blocked our email.

At Butterfly Babes every escort we have on our roster is available to speak with you and we can organise a personal short introduction via phone if required to verify they are real we can also show you additional photographs of the girls on our roster which have been taken in our photography studio on location at Butterfly Babes Melbourne.

4. Make Your Decision When You Meet In Person

During your first meeting with any independent escort or one you book through an Escort Agency In Melbourne or Brothel in Melbourne, you will be able to see whether indeed the escort is the same pretty girl you fell in love with online through photographs.

At Butterfly Babes Melbourne, your secret is our secret. All of your wildest desires are arranged, with the utmost discretion. Female Strippers, Topless Waitresses and Luxury Companions in Melbourne call Butterfly Babes home. 

Simply contact our friendly concierge team for more information about our entertainers for your next event and luxury companions for your personal indulgence. 

Call/Text 0418 752 702 we will text you photographs of sexy ladies who are available right now to meet with you today or tonight.