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How To Become An Escort in Melbourne Victoria

How To Become An Escort in Melbourne Victoria

At Butterfly Babes Melbourne we get many requests asking how someone can get started working as an elite high-class female escort, so we thought we would provide some guidance below to help you on your path to becoming one of the best female escorts in Melbourne to be considered by our Best Escort Agency.

A career in the adult entertainment industry is thrilling, it is fun, it is sexy and it is one of the most exciting careers, however it is an industry that can be challenging, competitive and difficult to make a lasting profession within.

We want you to take practical and realistic steps to starting a career in this industry and if you truly want to work as an escort and have the passion for it when you reach the end of this blog article, please contact us we would love to welcome you to our team.

Step 1. Ask Yourself The Right Questions.

We asked our escorts to reflect on how they got started in the adult industry and they said they took some time to think about their motivations behind working as a sex worker and consider if this industry was right for them.

Below are some of the questions we recommend you ask yourself:

Why Am I Doing This?

Escorting is a big decision to make and only you should be the one to make this decision, nobody else, it is your body, your choice after all.

Empowerment comes from personal decision making and taking control of your life but also putting your health, wellbeing and safety first at the top of your list.

If you can comfortably answer this question and it feels right then it was the journey you were meant to take with your body and your career and we are excited for you.

It is always important to remember you can enter the industry as fast as you entered it, never let anyone convince you to enter this industry you must make this choice yourself.

What Is My Goal?

Many girls enter the escort career to pay a few bills, save for a house or even go on a holiday. Paying off a university debt is probably one of the biggest reasons behind a young girls reason to enter the adult industry as a sex worker.

We believe it is important to have a goal so you can measure your success in the industry, reach your goal and then decide if you want to continue or not.

What Is My Back Up Plan?

Some escorts have no plans to leave but some do once they reach their goal.

Many escorts who started working with us and then left, had no back up plan once they left the adult industry forever. We strongly recommend that when you feel the novelty of the adult industry and working as a sex worker fades for you, that you have a plan.

We recommend that if you are doing escorting for the short-term to consider your long term goals and aspirations for once you reach your goal, but if you are interested in staying for the long-term we encourage you to consider financial goals and milestones to make the best income possible with the least effort and health risk outcomes.

What Is Sex Work?

There are many different areas of the adult industry and sex work does not always include sex with clients. This means you have the power to choose how much emotional support and physical involvement you want with your clients.

Consider what you want to do with your career in the adult industry, what sort of services you want to provide and how comfortable you are with potentially having your face and your body on display online, because once it is out there - it is very hard to take down or erase (once something is online, it is basically out there on the internet forever).

Consider What Health and Safety means to you.

This should be your number one priority, not second to how much money you can make.

Always make sure the decisions you make in the sex industry are safe ones and do not put your physical or mental health at risk.

Private escorts are responsible for their own safety with clients and how they manage their own advertising in the right places at their own expense and Brothel Escorts have the support of managers who have steps in place to minimise health and safety risks.

At Butterfly Babes, we provide our workers with private drivers and we manage the booking process to ensure you are always safe when meeting any of our clients we also guarantee payment in advance, to protect your safety and ensure you are paid for your time and your services you provide to clients who book with our Escort Agency.

We encourage you research sexual health, read safe sex resources and book yourself for regular sexual health checks. Your body is your place of work in the adult industry as a sex worker and if you are sick this means you cannot work.

Get Some Professional Photographs.

At Butterfly Babes we have an on-site photo studio so we can help you put your best self forward for your escort advertisements. Contact us for more information about photos.

Talk About Yourself In Written Escort Advertising Bios.

Be ready to keep your bio short enough but long enough for prospective clients to get a feel for who you are and why they should consider meeting with you.

Clients do love a story and they want to know who they are meeting with on a personal level as they can then relate to you - your biography is an ice breaker to encourage someone to pick up the phone and call you or send you a message.

At Butterfly Babes, we can help you write your bio and we can also assist you with handling initial client enquiries so you do not have to do the talking if you are feeling shy at first, simply contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

At Butterfly Babes Melbourne, your secret is our secret. We are committed to helping girls from 18 years to the more mature, make a rewarding and successful career for themselves as a profitable, high-class female escort. All of your wildest desires and goals can be achieved with the right guidance and a team of industry experts supporting you throughout your career.

Call/Text 0418 752 702 with the word “JOB” and we will contact you back with some more information and the opportunity to speak with one of our managers about your goals and aspirations to become a Female Sex Worker in Melbourne.